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Keeping your business free of pests is something you know you need to do, but may not know how to do it. Many business owners assume that pest control isn’t necessary unless pests have gotten into their facility, but the truth is that it’s much easier, and less costly, to stop an infestation before it starts than to have to deal with an active infestation and all of the problems that go along with one. 

If your Lufkin business is not protected from pests, it’s time for a change. Quality Pest Control provides experienced pest control services for Lufkin businesses that are tailored to your pest control needs. Whether you want services to prevent pests or have an active infestation that needs to be taken care of, we can help! We have been serving Lufkin since 2009 and have over 18 years of pest control experience. As a local business, it is our pleasure to help our fellow business owners protect your properties from harmful and damaging Lufkin pests.

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What To Expect From Our Commercial Services

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Your commercial pest control service depends on a couple of factors. First, our treatments will largely depend on the pest problems, if any, that are currently active in your facility or on your property. Second, our treatments depend on your expectations and goals for our pest control. We tailor our services to solve your pest control problems, and we value open and transparent communication, so we will make sure that what you need and want is what gets done. A pest control plan that isn’t tailored to your business’s needs won’t provide the necessary results and won’t leave you satisfied with our service.

In order to deliver the pest control you’re looking for, we first perform a thorough inspection of your commercial property. We look for pest activity, entry points, conducive conditions, and anything that needs attention both inside your structure and around your property. Once our inspection is complete, we create a treatment plan that targets your business’s needs. Before implementing the plan, we’ll go over it with you so that you can approve it or make changes as needed.

Most businesses require monthly re-services to keep their property pest-free. With routine pest control, you can be certain that pests won’t become an issue for your business. In some cases, quarterly services are sufficient to protect your business. We’ll recommend a schedule based on your business’s needs.

Why Choose Us?

Businesses Trust Quality Pest Control

Local Experts

As a local business with nearly 20 years of pest control experience, Quality Pest Control will solve your Lufkin business’s pest problems.

Customized Treatments

Your business shouldn’t be treated to the same pest control as every other business. Quality Pest Control provides customized service for every customer.

Quality Service

Quality Pest Control cares about the businesses in our community and is committed to providing your business with the solutions you need and the service you deserve.

Facilities We Service

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Apartment buildings are spaces that are frequently infested by pests. If even a small infestation begins in one apartment, those pests can easily move from unit to unit through wall voids, eventually infesting the entire building. Keep your apartment building pest-free with commercial pest control from Quality Pest Control.

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Office Spaces

No one wants to work in an office that has pest problems. Not only is it unsanitary to have pests in your office, but it also can damage equipment and your office building. To keep your office building comfortable for your employees and free of costly damage, you need the help of Quality Pest Control and our commercial services.

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Keeping your retail store free of pests is better for your business in more ways than one. First, it ensures that your merchandise isn’t compromised or damaged in any pest-related way. Second, it ensures you don’t lose customers due to pest sightings or bad reviews. Keep your retail store pest-free with Quality Pest Control.

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No one wants to eat in a restaurant that has a pest problem. While many pests try to make themselves scarce when people are around, the signs of a pest infestation are apparent, even when pests aren’t. Don’t allow pests to sicken your customers and destroy your restaurant’s reputation. Quality Pest Control offers the services you need.

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Storage Facilities

You wouldn’t dream of running a storage facility that didn’t have locks for the doors because the purpose of a storage facility is to safely and securely store people’s belongings. If pests get into your facility, they will damage the items inside, making it just like a place without locks. Keep your customers' belongings secure with Quality Pest Control.

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No matter what type of facility pests get into, they make a mess of their surroundings. Although warehouses are often big enough to not notice a pest infestation right away, that just allows pests more time to cause damage and destruction. Protect your warehouse facility from pests by partnering with Quality Pest Control.

Local Pest Control For Your Business

As a local, family-run business, Quality Pest Control cares about the other businesses in our Lufkin community. We have spent our careers working to make Lufkin a better place, and part of that includes making sure the businesses in our community can thrive. If your business has a pest problem, you will experience problems that will negatively impact your business and its success. Let Quality Pest Control use our experience and expertise to protect your Lufkin business from pests. We look forward to providing you with the customized solutions you need for your pest problems.

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